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Automated people mover in Oakland

In Oakland, which lies in California and is one of the largest cities in the greater San Francisco area, city planners have implemented a visionary and pioneering project: Since November 2014, an automated people mover (a self-propelled and driverless train) has been transporting people safely and punctually from Oakland International Airport to Coliseum Station along the 5.1-kilometer route between the international airport and the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). The vehicles are made by Doppelmayr Cable Car GmbH & Co KG. Wireless.Consulting GmbH played a leading role in the design and implementation of the highly complex LAN, WLAN and firewall infrastructure.

Enterprise WLAN improves efficiency

At Borne Türelemente GmbH, doors and frames are manufactured on ultra-modern production lines and then stored temporarily in fully automated high-bay storage facilities. There, computer-aided picking takes place and orders are dispatched. Our task was to integrate industrial WLAN in the production environment for mobile connection of the forklifts and to provide seamless roaming infrastructure with 0ms roaming in the WLAN, including the planning, installation and commissioning of the hardware.

Public safety – Video transmission from the subway

Live video surveillance in trains – it is not only public safety that is important when it comes to transmitting video data in real time. When monitoring driverless trains – as in this subway project in Nuremberg, Germany – trouble-free and secure data transmission via WLAN is the cornerstone that ensures smooth operation. During the expansion of the route network in Nuremberg, we at Wireless.Consulting GmbH took on the entire WLAN planning operation, including WLAN site surveys in the new tunnel system.

iWLAN for aerial tramway control

The “Kristbergbahn” single-track aerial tramway in Montafon, Austria, is 1,575 m long and transports as many as 35 people at a time up to the top station, at an altitude of 555 m. In 2016, the cable car was modernized, with an investment of around 750,000 €. The entire control equipment, electrical engineering and brake systems, the car and the exit area were completely renewed. As part of the project, Wireless.Consulting GmbH designed and installed a completely new iWLAN concept. Here, the main focus was on ensuring the availability of the system, because waiting times caused by missing control data would be unacceptable where 215 people need to be transported per hour.

WiFi Event Service

Turning events into an experience. Providing the best possible service. For spectators, participants and organizers. This also involves setting up a professional and legally compliant hotspot that provides a stable WLAN network for thousands of users simultaneously. Or a radio concept to transmit live images of a sporting event taking place out at sea to the spectators on land, for example. Or perhaps a temporary infrastructure that links the iPads of all the participants at a congress. For the project planning and implementation of event WLAN systems, Wireless.Consulting GmbH has founded the brand WirelessXStream.

ThyssenKrupp Multi elevator concept

Today’s city planners are faced with a major challenge due to ever-increasing populations: They have to accommodate more people in buildings – without taking up additional space. In many metropolises, space is in short supply. Buildings are growing ever taller. But how do people get to the top without waiting a very long time for their elevators? The solutions involve vertical and horizontal elevator systems that are controlled wirelessly. Working closely with ThyssenKrupp, Wireless.Consulting GmbH develops the concepts and implements the control systems.

WLAN coverage in cold storage logistics

“Connecting the world of food” is the slogan of one of Europe’s leading providers of food logistics. The connections have to be right. Because the company has more than 100 facilities with over 11,000 employees, and ships at least 100,000 consignments every day. Excellent logistics and distribution systems are required here, and these rely heavily on the trouble-free use of thousands of WLAN-supported hand scanners to record the barcodes of the items to be shipped. The WLAN infrastructure is therefore the backbone of the entire logistics apparatus.

Scalable WLAN infrastructure

Renewal of the existing WLAN network at the main site with a scalable new WLAN infrastructure • Infrastructure suitable for a later shop connection • Replacement of the existing infrastructure based on a pure data radio solution (802.11b/g) with components according to WiFi 6 standard • Communication with tools such as Microsoft Teams and in some areas high-quality media presentations