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Wireless.Consulting GmbH is a vendor independent expert in wireless data communication.

We specialize in technologies such as iWLAN, WLAN, WiMAN, PtP, PtmP, WiMAX, LTE, 4G, 5G.

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Our focus is on fault analysis, consulting, planning and implementation of your customized wireless infrastructure. Different industries have different requirements and need tailor-made concepts.
We design your individual solution.

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Lecture “5G meets WLAN performance” at CIIT-OWL

The 5G mobile phone standard is considered a key technology for advancing the digital transformation of the economy and society. However, with the Wi-Fi 6E standard, there is competition in the WLAN sector. In the CIIT Techtalk, our Managing Director Alexander Bendler now explained the advantages and disadvantages for industrial applications, because comparisons between the..

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We are not getting more expensive – thanks to efficient technologies and services

Many factors have caused prices for services and products to skyrocket in recent months. In all likelihood, the trend will continue in 2023. You ask yourself: Where is this going to lead? How can we invest in our company? How are we supposed to save on operating costs and remain competitive at the same time?..

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Research project 5G4Automation

Our research projects Part 3: 5G4Automation – Development of 5G products and services for Industry 4.0 First milestone – meeting of project partner in Paderborn The 5G4Automation project is preparing the development of 5G products and services for Industry 4.0. The basic prerequisite for intelligently networked production operations is the reliable, wireless transmission of all..

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Research project 5G Simone

Our research projects Part 2: 5G Simone – more efficient mobility for tomorrow “5G SIMONE” (sicher.mobil.vernetzt. mit 5G) is a research project from the 5G.NRW funding competition. Among other things, it tests the networking of driverless transport systems, such as the MonoCab. This type of innovative monorail vehicle is intended to travel on disused sections..

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20 years celebration

It was LEGENDARY! 🎉 We are still heavily impressed – team, friends and business partners made sure that our small but nice 20th birthday celebration became an unforgettable experience. Thank you for the great and individual gifts, for the numerous congratulations and the countless personal conversations. It was great. No. It was legendary! PS: Many..

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