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Wireless.Consulting GmbH is a vendor independent expert in wireless data communication.

We specialize in technologies such as iWLAN, WLAN, WiMAN, PtP, PtmP, WiMAX, LTE, 4G, 5G.

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Our focus is on fault analysis, consulting, planning and implementation of your customized wireless infrastructure. Different industries have different requirements and need tailor-made concepts.
We design your individual solution.

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How we work

If there are irregularities in your WLAN network, we offer you a special WLAN fault analysis with comprehensive documentation of the results and detailed recommendations on how to eliminate the faults.

  • Spectrum analysis
    Spectrum analysis is an important indicator in selecting the correct frequency and is thus essential for subsequent interference-free operation.
    This process also identify sources of interference that do not come from the WLAN environment but nonetheless use the same frequency.
  • Protocol analysis
    During a protocol analysis, data is recorded via the WLAN or LAN interface and communication errors are traced.
  • WLAN site survey
    Here, the existing WLAN coverage is measured and the existing infrastructure is recorded and documented.
  • Network analysis
    Frequently, the faults lie in backend and LAN structures and not in the WLAN network as often assumed in the first instance. Here, all of the network components are examined in detail.

A professional consultation before installation helps to clear up any misunderstandings about the requirements and benefits of a WLAN. We always act impartially with regard to vendors and manufacturers.

  • Risk assessment
    What would actually happen if the WLAN were to fail? How critical would this be and what would the consequences be for you and your business processes?
  • Workshop
    Whatever the solution, we make sure that our service is tailored to your requirements. The focus is therefore always on your applications.
  • Requirements
    We apply our expertise to put your ideas into action and begin the project with clearly defined goals and your requirements in focus.
  • Specification of services
    We put together a customized specification of services as the basis for a tailor-made concept that guarantees security, range and availability.

Radio networks require professional planning. In order to ensure the stable operation of a WLAN, the WLAN/LAN infrastructure must be properly planned before any installation work takes place.

  • Simulation
    When planning WLAN infrastructure on the basis of building floor plans, the environment is reproduced in detail and then simulated. The calculated coverage is then graphically displayed. You are always provided with documentation that includes a list of the WLAN components used.
  • WLAN site survey
    Our radio network planning is based on “WLAN” radio field strength measurements with inspection and testing of the existing infrastructure on site. Using professional software, the variables of the environment are recorded and the results are documented in detail with an illustration showing the actual WLAN coverage.
  • Selection of manufacturer
    Wireless.Consulting GmbH is vendor-independent. At your request, we advise and assist you in deciding which manufacturer to choose. We recommend the product that is most suitable for your application – you can then decide from whom to purchase it.
  • Concept
    The planning and conception processes for WLAN radio networks are complex. They require not only competence and creativity, but also a carefully designed starting point. Because you can only work efficiently in a wireless work environment if you have optimal WLAN coverage. During the design phase, all the agreed requirements are checked for compatibility with the selected manufacturer.

When integrating existing or new WLAN networks, Wireless.Consulting GmbH, with its many years of experience, is the perfect partner to have at your side.

  • Inspection
    Our troubleshooting process includes diagnosing faults in the existing WLAN networks should stability problems, performance bottlenecks or other weak points arise, so that we can identify and rectify the problem.
  • Installation
    WLAN components must always be installed by a specialist company with experience in the field of WLAN systems. Our staff are, without exception, specialists in the field of WLAN/LAN.
  • Inventory
    Here, all the WLAN and LAN components installed for a project are recorded, checked and included in the documentation. “Has the correct access point actually been properly installed at the specified location?”
  • Configuration
    Our system specialists ensure that the components operate smoothly. In addition, we carefully carry out the initialization, firmware update and configuration according to your specifications and ensure that everything is properly labeled and documented.

This is how we work

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The Wireless.Consulting GmbH explanatory video on YouTube briefly and concisely presents the advantages of our project management in the field of wireless industrial communication, also via WLAN. Troubleshooting, consulting, planning and integration of individual WLAN solutions.

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