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Wireless.Consulting GmbH is a vendor independent expert in wireless data communication.

We specialize in technologies such as iWLAN, WLAN, WiMAN, PtP, PtmP, WiMAX, LTE, 4G, 5G.

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Our focus is on fault analysis, consulting, planning and implementation of your customized wireless infrastructure. Different industries have different requirements and need tailor-made concepts.
We design your individual solution.

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Neulehenstraße 8a — D – 33790 Halle / Westfalen
Tel +49 52 01 - 85 95 40 — Fax 85 95 419

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Why us?

Why us?

We offer our customers optimal solutions for wireless networks. We also offer a comprehensive support service.

In addition to consulting, planning and installation, we make meticulous preparations for your network by carrying out a WLAN site survey.

This identifies possible sources of interference, constructional and structural conditions, and the possible and existing use of frequencies.

All the components and installation locations required for the WLAN installations are then specified in detailed documentation. If there are any irregularities in your WLAN network, we offer a special WLAN fault analysis, also with comprehensive documentation.

This is what you can expect from us!

We are your partner for all aspects of wireless data transmission, such as directional radio, point-to-multipoint and mobile telephony – with a focus on industrial WLAN. We are a vendor-independent company with years of experience in a wide range of industries:

  • All our employees, without exception, are specialists in the field of data networks (WLAN/LAN) with emphasis on wireless transmission (WLAN).
  • We have numerous references and experience ranging from logistics in warehouse management to maritime broadband connections, office environments with VoWLAN, and automated vehicles.
  • Not tied to specific hardware manufacturers We identify and recommend the product that is most suitable for your particular application.
  • Based on our many years of experience in implementing projects, we also support you in the installation, integration and maintenance of your WLAN network.

Why us?

Because we ensure an efficient WLAN!

“A world free of noise and interference would be much more efficient in communication… not only in wireless.”
Alexander Bendler

We could tell you how great we are, about the projects we have already completed and about our outstanding employees. But let us put that aside for the moment. Because it is you, your project and the problem you need help with that are most important here. And we would like to work with you to find solutions. We are consultants, supporters, co-thinkers and, if desired, helping hands. Tell us what you would like help with. We will then work out a sustainable solution together. And we are really good at doing this. That’s a promise!

Yours Alexander Bendler and Stephan Buchner
Directors of Wireless Consulting GmbH

That’s why us!

If there are irregularities in your WLAN network, we offer you a special WLAN fault analysis with comprehensive documentation of the results and detailed recommendations on how to eliminate the faults.

  • Spectrum analysis
  • Protocol analysis
  • WLAN site survey
  • Network analysis

A professional consultation before installation helps to clear up any misunderstandings about the requirements and benefits of a WLAN. We always act impartially with regard to vendors and manufacturers.

  • Risk assessment
  • Workshop
  • Requirements
  • Specification of services

Radio networks require professional planning. In order to ensure the stable operation of a WLAN, the infrastructure must be properly planned before any installation work takes place.

  • Simulation
  • WLAN site survey
  • Selection of manufacturer
  • Concept

When integrating existing or new WLAN networks, Wireless.Consulting GmbH, with its many years of experience, is the perfect partner to have at your side.

  • Inspection
  • Installation
  • Inventory
  • Configuration