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WLAN migration in logistics


• Renewal of the existing WLAN network at the main site with a scalable new WLAN infrastructure

• Infrastructure suitable for a later shop connection

• Replacement of the existing infrastructure based on a pure data radio solution (802.11b/g) with components according to WiFi 6 standard

• Communication with tools such as Microsoft Teams and in some areas high-quality media presentations

• Focus is on coverage of current logistics requirements

• Consideration of use in the branches/shops later

The requirements were discussed concerned with the client‘s departments. Subsequently, we were able to determine a complete quantity structure by means of WLAN simulation and WLAN coverage. After that, we made the neutral selection of a manufacturer with Extreme Networks. 240 access points and 2 controllers were planned, installed, and configured as well. So far, 94 additional access points (one AP per shop) have been installed in the shops with a connection to the head office. Here follows at a later date a further WLAN coverage for 100 percent coverage via WLAN.


• Recording the requirements

• Manufacturer-selection

• Planning and conception of the WLAN infrastructure

• Installation and commissioning

In this project, the AP310i access points were used in the logistics areas as well as variants with directional antennas. AP510i with 4×4:4 antenna technology was also used in the office areas, to achieve better performance and higher data throughput. The NX-7500 was used as the controller in the redundant cluster with a 10Gbps uplink. These are managed via an additional virtual controller (VX-9000), which is also to take over the management of the shops. For the further monitoring of the environment, Extreme NSight was set up as an additional instance, which enables monitoring of all locations with forensic data analysis and automated reporting.

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