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Re-Design WLAN infrastructure

Our customer JYSK SE (formerly Dänisches Bettenlager) wished to completely renew its existing WLAN infrastructure in its four logistics centres (3x Germany, 1x Spain). The aim was to migrate the old WLAN infrastructure as smoothly as possible into a new one. They also wanted to establish a centralized management system.

In the first step, we recorded the requirements at all locations, held a workshop with all those involved and measured and recorded the existing WLAN infrastructure. This was followed by a redesign to the new Wi-Fi 6 standard, in which as many of the existing installation points as possible were to be adopted. After approval and agreement with the customer, the system was configured, installed and commissioned. With the post installation survey, the realised WLAN was measured and documented. With a service level agreement, our customer can also rely on functioning solution over the long term.

Our task primarily consisted of the design of a tailored concept for all 4 locations. The decisive factors were the individual infrastructures in the office and logistics as well as the connection of outdoor APs for camera surveillance in the area via mesh. The web-based ERP system, all office applications and picking via pick-by-voice also had to be taken into account in this extensive project. Subsequently, the planned concept was to be implemented.

The AP model AP310i-WR with integrated antennas and 2×2 MIMO, from the manufacturer Extreme Networks was used as the most cost-efficient variant that best met the requirements of logistics and office applications. In the outdoor area, the AP360 model was used. So far, nearly 500 access points have been newly integrated, serving up to 1,500 clients. Two redundant NX7500 controllers are used in each of the logistics centres. A VX9000 controller instance handles the central management across all locations.

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