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At Borne Türelemente GmbH, doors and frames are manufactured on ultra-modern production lines and then stored temporarily in fully automated high-bay storage facilities. There, computer-aided picking takes place and orders are dispatched. Our task was to integrate industrial WLAN in the production environment for mobile connection of the forklifts and to provide seamless roaming infrastructure with 0ms roaming in the WLAN, including the planning, installation and commissioning of the hardware.

Enterprise WLAN improves efficiency

The challenge
At its headquarters in Trierweiler-Sirzenich, with a production area of around 80,000 m², Borne Türelemente GmbH manufactures up to 6,000 doors and 5,000 frames per day. This means that a door leaves the factory every nine seconds. Temperatures of up to 40°C under the roof and a difficult building structure posed a challenge to the seamless roaming solution. Forklift terminals for mobile data acquisition, including Bluetooth hand scanners and printers, needed to be integrated into the existing server landscape with low latency.

The solution
The seamless roaming WLAN infrastructure with wireless WLAN communication through rugged access points and clients, which was planned and integrated by Wireless.Consulting GmbH in 2011, was supplemented with a more modern WLAN solution, compliant with the 802.11 ac standard, to cover the entire factory premises. It was essential here to ensure that the mobile WLAN clients from the existing WLAN infrastructure were also compatible with the new WLAN environment. The customer is 100% satisfied with the result, because the now area-wide and roaming-free WLAN infrastructure supports the production process and increases productivity .In companies whose business model is based on a smooth production process including picking and shipping, the advantages of a wireless network are more glaringly obvious than in practically any other environment. In such companies, the time savings and increased productivity achieved through the use of WLANs are directly reflected in higher profitability and secure an enormous competitive advantage.

Borne’s requirement that “the solution should adapt to the company and not the other way around” was a decisive factor in choosing the right IT infrastructure.Components were selected that allow a high density of WLAN APs thanks to special frequency usage without interference. The use of the 802.11ac WLAN standard ensures future-oriented compatibility and long-term availability of the chipsets used. The WLAN clients can also move around the entire WLAN infrastructure without roaming. This enables more efficient production planning and also increases productivity.

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