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Wireless.Consulting GmbH is a vendor independent expert in wireless data communication.

We specialize in technologies such as iWLAN, WLAN, WiMAN, PtP, PtmP, WiMAX, LTE, 4G, 5G.

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Our focus is on fault analysis, consulting, planning and implementation of your customized wireless infrastructure. Different industries have different requirements and need tailor-made concepts.
We design your individual solution.

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Turning events into an experience. Providing the best possible service. For spectators, participants and organizers. This also involves setting up a professional and legally compliant hotspot that provides a stable WLAN network for thousands of users simultaneously. Or a radio concept to transmit live images of a sporting event taking place out at sea to the spectators on land, for example. Or perhaps a temporary infrastructure that links the iPads of all the participants at a congress. For the project planning and implementation of event WLAN systems, Wireless.Consulting GmbH has founded the brand WirelessXStream.

WiFi Event Service

The challenge of medical conventions
At medical conventions in Berlin and Frankfurt, we have created temporary WLAN infrastructures for connecting as many as 300 iPads to a local server. At these events, this system was used for feeding the content of presentations and for live voting. Different systems are used depending on the spatial conditions and requirements, so that up to 5,000 concurrent users and more can be provided with a temporary, high-performance WLAN infrastructure.

The challenge of the Gerry Weber Open
It began with 1,500 guests in the VIP area. Today, the Gerry Weber Open in Halle Westfalen has several thousand visitors who are able to surf in the tournament’s WLAN network simultaneously, mobile and free of charge. Wireless Consulting GmbH created this system on behalf of the organizers of Germany’s largest tennis tournament, who wanted to offer their guests something extra. During planning and implementation, however, many requirements had to be taken into account with regard to appearance, handling for the VIP guests, and the associated legal security. The GERRY WEBER OPEN VIP area covered by Wireless.Consulting GmbH’s “wirelessXstream” with 18 WLAN access points measures 3,500 m². One year later, the system was extended to allow several thousand additional tennis fans to surf the Internet simultaneously in the beer garden area. This installation, including measurement, project planning, coordination and implementation, took about four weeks.

The challenge of Sailing Team Germany
For the Sailing Team Germany, Wireless.Consulting GmbH developed a radio concept for transmitting live video streams.Insights from the racing events on the water needed to be distributed via WiFi to spectators and interested parties on land. The special challenges here were to ensure flexible handling for setting up and dismantling the equipment quickly at different locations and to provide high performance usage for many simultaneous users.

Our solution

  • Streaming of HD video sources
  • Distribution of local/non-local content such as videos, streams, downloads and apps
  • WiFi hotspot
  • Locating clients
  • Guest authentication
  • Individual landing page
  • Individual design of the network
  • Site survey and planning of the environment concerned
  • Leasing of the necessary WLAN equipment
  • Installation of the WiFi infrastructure
  • On-site support (system specialists on standby during the event)
  • Assembly and disassembly by the wirelessXstream crew

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