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Today’s city planners are faced with a major challenge due to ever-increasing populations: They have to accommodate more people in buildings – without taking up additional space. In many metropolises, space is in short supply. Buildings are growing ever taller. But how do people get to the top without waiting a very long time for their elevators? The solutions involve vertical and horizontal elevator systems that are controlled wirelessly. Working closely with ThyssenKrupp, Wireless.Consulting GmbH develops the concepts and implements the control systems.

ThyssenKrupp Multi elevator concept

The challenge
A new generation of vertical (and horizontal) passenger transport systems optimizes efficiency and enables architects to build taller, more creative and more user-friendly buildings. With several elevator cars operating in a single shaft, users would not need to wait for more than 15 to 30 seconds for an elevator.
What challenges does urbanization present to today’s elevator engineers?When we think about this, we can see what makes the new MULTI® concept from ThyssenKrupp so revolutionary.
Cities should be able to grow without having to sacrifice their open spaces and parks and thus also their quality of life. In many cases, taller buildings are constructed that create more space for living and working without increasing the footprint. Thanks to elevator systems, buildings have been able to grow to incredible heights.But: The taller the building, the more shafts and space are required for conventional elevators, and the longer passengers have to wait for a ride. Due to the significant increase in height of modern buildings, the importance of conventional concepts such as cable-bound elevator systems is declining dramatically. Imagine an elevator system that needs to travel directly from the basement to the top floor of an 800-meter-tall building. The weight of the control cable alone would make such a system impossible to install.

The solution
Wireless.Consulting GmbH was commissioned to examine available technologies that would be suitable for safely transmitting control-related data. By carrying out various system tests, it was possible to create a highly individualized system solution to meet the special requirements of the new movement pattern of this type of elevator.
The concepts are being tested in various superstructures and further improved. In cooperation with ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge, our specialists will continue to work on controlling the vertical and horizontal elevator systems in a way that permanently guarantees both safety and availability.

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