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Live video surveillance in trains – it is not only public safety that is important when it comes to transmitting video data in real time. When monitoring driverless trains – as in this subway project in Nuremberg, Germany – trouble-free and secure data transmission via WLAN is the cornerstone that ensures smooth operation. During the expansion of the route network in Nuremberg, we at Wireless.Consulting GmbH took on the entire WLAN planning operation, including WLAN site surveys in the new tunnel system.

Public safety – Video transmission from the subway

The challenge
The expansion of the existing Nuremberg subway network required the existing concept to be carried forward in such a way that all trains are compatible with the existing and new lines. Wireless.Consulting GmbH was assigned the task of planning the entire WLAN system for the expansion project, including site surveys in the new tunnel system.Our professional and system-independent concept based on a site survey made it possible to establish a suitable WLAN environment. An optimized antenna layout and installation locations alone were sufficient to measurably stabilize the signal propagation. Now, video monitoring of the trains is possible throughout the entire subway network, without any problems and with outstanding operational availability.

The Solution
For video surveillance in VAG Nuremberg’s subway trains and stations, funkwerk supplies and installs video surveillance systems with professional video cameras, video transmission equipment, management systems and software for intelligent image processing and evaluation. In the new sections of the subway network, the professional radio network planning carried out by Wireless.Consulting GmbH guarantees stable and highly available transmission of video data to the control center.

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