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WLAN in warehouse logistics

“Connecting the world of food” is the slogan of one of Europe’s leading providers of food logistics. The connections have to be right. Because the company has more than 100 facilities with over 11,000 employees, and ships at least 100,000 consignments every day. Excellent logistics and distribution systems are required here, and these rely heavily on the trouble-free use of thousands of WLAN-supported hand scanners to record the barcodes of the items to be shipped. The WLAN infrastructure is therefore the backbone of the entire logistics apparatus. In order to ensure smooth operation of the WLAN infrastructure, Wireless.Consulting GmbH carried out precise radio network planning at almost all of the facilities to guarantee area-wide, high-performance WLAN coverage and to avoid any “blind spots”, such as between narrow rows of shelves. Now, the numerous hand scanners as well as other applications are functioning perfectly throughout all the areas and ensuring efficient operation of the entire warehouse logistics.

WLAN coverage in cold storage logistics

The challenge
Our customer operates up to 130 warehouse facilities throughout Europe in which WLAN infrastructures ensure the operation of hand scanners and many other applications.Since 2008, Wireless.Consulting GmbH has been their partner when it comes to troubleshooting and fault clearance as well as for simulation, radio surveys and planning of the customer’s specified WLAN infrastructure at all its locations.Here it is important to ensure area-wide WLAN coverage between the rows of shelves and in the cold stores, and to avoid any interference (co-channel interference, blind spots etc.).The use of special WLAN components could have prevented such interference from the outset.However, our specialists had to work with the existing WLAN infrastructure that had already been rolled out across all areas, so it was necessary to analyze these environments and optimize them accordingly.

The solution
With the expertise of our radio specialists and the use of appropriate WLAN measurement and simulation tools, Wireless.Consulting GmbH ensures the availability of the WLAN environment at all the company’s premises.Here, the use of special antenna concepts, in particular, ensures comprehensive WLAN coverage that is free of co-channel interference, even though the WLAN hardware is less than optimal.