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Wireless.Consulting GmbH is a vendor independent expert in wireless data communication.

We specialize in technologies such as iWLAN, WLAN, WiMAN, PtP, PtmP, WiMAX, LTE, 4G, 5G.

Hand in hand with you

Our focus is on fault analysis, consulting, planning and implementation of your customized wireless infrastructure. Different industries have different requirements and need tailor-made concepts.
We design your individual solution.

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Neulehenstraße 8a — D – 33790 Halle / Westfalen
Tel +49 52 01 - 85 95 40 — Fax 85 95 419

We are CWNP certified

Need for CWNP certification. CWNP – Certified Wireless Network Professionals Our principle as a service provider in the Enterprise WLAN environment: We always work independently of manufacturers. An equally independent and thorough certification of our system specialists is therefore of existential importance to us. Especially when dealing with the challenges and possibilities of the WiFi-6..

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