Our research projects

Part 1: RoboCoop – The robotics project for the future of the aviation industry.

In this innovative project, we are responsible for the development of a dynamic, demand-oriented network for data transmission via mobile units. The SME joint project is intended to optimize production in the aviation industry by means of autonomously operating work units. This is to be achieved by adaptive, mobile lightweight robot systems that support current aircraft production systems and utilize them more efficiently.

The basic technical prerequisite – and thus our core task – for the realization of the project is the integration of a network concept that is dynamic and precisely tailored to requirements. Its task is to connect all participants in an existing plant with specified installations.

Basically, RoboCoop is intended to increase the attractiveness of small mobile robotics in aircraft manufacturing. The overarching goal is to make other industries aware of the benefits of small mobile robotics in manufacturing. The systems developed also generate a technological edge that makes a significant contribution to the competitiveness of SMEs in Germany in the aerospace sector as well and strengthens Germany as a business location in the areas of Industry 4.0. and digitalization. Our highly specialized joint partners are Neobotix GmbHFraunhofer IFAMPURTEC Engineering GmbH and AIRBUS Operations GmbH (associated).